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This Playguide is prepared for teachers, students, parents and subscribers attending San Diego Junior Theatre productions. It is our desire to make the artistic experience of attending live theatre as enriching as possible for all of San Diego’s families. For further information on our productions, please visit our website at

Plot Synopsis
For James Henry Trotter, life with the exceedingly nasty Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker is pure misery. James dreams of a better life, but he’s totally unprepared for the wild adventures ahead of him when he drops the magic crystals he receives from a strange old man. Before long, James is off on a weird, wonderful journey inside a giant peach with an odd
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Lynne trained the actors to manipulate the different styles of puppets during the rehearsal process. Roald Dahl uses a lot of poetic chanting in his stories, and James and the Giant Peach is no exception. To support the “music” of the production, professional musician Chuck Elledge was hired to create a percussion score. Working in collaboration with the director, and attending rehearsals to set in the sounds with the cast, Chuck’s music will include a variety of drums and a synthesizer.

Why do we love Roald Dahl so much?
“In Roald Dahl’s stories children are always special. In most Roald Dahl books, the main characters are ordinary children living in familiar worlds of home and school. They are often disadvantaged- if only by having a thoughtless family- but are also special in some way (Danny has a wonderful father, Matilda has a rich imagination and Sophie is brave and patriotic). If sides are to be taken, Dahl is always on the side of the child. Dahl’s genius for invention makes his fantasy worlds seem possible. How exciting to imagine that you might; grow a magic finger, find a golden ticket or be pulled out of bed one night by a giant hand. Children love ideas that are on the edge of scariness and almost too repulsive. They enjoy the unexpected, quirky and weird aspects of Dahl’s

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