Harrison Bergeron

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Harrison Bergeron

1. At the end of Vonnegut’s story, how did you feel about Hazel? George? Harrison?
At the end of the story, I feel that Vonnegut based the three main characters off of three different types of people in the world. For example, Hazel is the type of person who goes through life as the average person with the normal ups and downs of life. George is one who has great abilities and would love to use them to their greatest extent, but is overlooked, in a sense, and is then handicapped so that he is no different from anyone else. As for Harrison, he is the thinker and doer. He devised a plan to take over the government, or try, and no one was going to stop him from that.

2. What details in the story make us infer,
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5. Poor Hazel says of the bumbling announcer, “. . . he tried. That’s the big thing.” Should people be rewarded for trying or for actually accomplishing something? Write about your thoughts on this complicated issue.
People should be rewarded for accomplishing somethings, because if people is reward for trying they will be okay or just trying and the will not fight for accomplished the goal.

6. Technology is now more a part of people’s lives than ever. Do you think this story has anything to say to us today? Write your responses to Vonnegut’s point of view.
Yes, Vonnegut makes it a constant presence in his story: the entire narrative takes place as George and Hazel sit in front of the TV. The government also uses television as a way of enforcing its laws. When dangerously talented people like Harrison are on the loose, for example, the government broadcasts warnings about them. The live execution is an effective way of showing viewers what will happen to those who dare to disobey the law.

7. This story is a fantasy. What figures from actual life have tried to save a people from repression the way Harrison does?
Figures from real life could be Abraham Lincoln for freeing the slaves or the U.S.A. Army for freeing the Jews in WW2

8. Do you agree with Vonnegut’s view of technology, or would you challenge him on some details in the story? Be sure to explain your responses in terms of your own experiences.
In some way it is true, because

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