History of the orchestra

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The word orchestra comes from Greek and means "place to dance." This brings us back around the V century a. C. when presentations were made in open-air theaters (amphitheaters). In front of the main area of action was a space for singers, dancers and instruments. This area was called orchestra. Today, band refers to a large group of musicians playing together; the exact number depends on the type of music.
The history of the orchestra as instrumentalists goes back to the beginning of the sixteenth century. Although in reality this "organized" group really took shape in the early eighteenth century. Before that, the sets were highly variable, a random collection of performers, often formed by musicians available
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A mid-eighteenth century began what might be called process of "standardization" of the orchestra. Gradually, the tools will be listed explicitly in the score, which is left out in ever greater extent, the trend of

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