Irish rose

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The store begins on July 31st 2004 in a hotel were many famous and important people is celebrating the first work of woman as the main actress in the movie called: “Irish Rose”. Her name was Mary Flynn. This woman is 18 years old and she is a world-famous fashion model. She always wanted to be an actress and that night her dream came true. Everybody in that place told her how great she was. However, there was a famous actor called Declan Knight who also appeared in the movie, but people don’t care about him. Photographers just took photos of the Mary. That night Mary was looking at Declan. She told herself that Declan was handsome and that he was the best-looking man there. Although it seemed to her that Declan was jealous because of the …ver más…
She saw many people laughing loudly as they danced. She didn’t know who they were. The handsome young man came near to her and offered fruit. She was not sure if she should accept, but she was hungry for fun as well as food so, she accepted and took a piece of fruit. She ate it hungrily. When she finished she felt satisfied. Now she wanted to dance. The handsome young man was still next to her. He offered his hand and she took it. They were dancing and dancing as if they couldn’t stop. Then she realized that it was late. So she dropped the man’s hand and he seemed to understand.
She started to run until she could see the gate. She returned to the hotel but, she felt very tired. Her feet felt heavy and she thought that was because she was dancing. She continued walking and saw new people in strange clothes. She was looking for the director of the film, but she couldn’t find him. Next she walked until she saw herself in a mirror on the wall. She couldn’t believe it. She has become in an old woman. Then she looked at the date under the clock of the hotel and cried because the date that she saw was July 31st

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