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If a router cannot find a valid configuration file during the startup sequence, what will occur? The startup sequence will reset. The router will prompt the user for a response to enter setup mode. The startup sequence will halt until a valid configuration file is acquired. The router will generate a default configuration file based on the last valid configuration. The router will monitor local traffic to determine routing protocol configuration requirements.


Passwords can be used to restrict access to all or parts of the Cisco IOS. Select the modes and interfaces that can be protected with passwords. (Choose three.) VTY interface console interface Ethernet interface secret EXEC mode
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The router will change the frame type to one supported by the WAN link before forwarding the frame. The router will use the destination MAC address to determine which interface to forward the packet. The router will look up the MAC address of the S0/0/0 interface in the ARP table and add it to the frame before forwarding. The frame was received on the Fa0/0 interface of the router and will be switched to the S0/0/0 interface. The frame was received on the S0/0/0 interface of the router and will be switched to the Fa0/0 interface.


Which of the following is the correct flow of routines for a router startup? load bootstrap, load IOS, apply configuration load bootstrap, apply configuration, load IOS load IOS, load bootstrap, apply configuration, check hardware check hardware, apply configuration, load bootstrap, load IOS


The network administrator needs to connect two routers directly via their FastEthernet ports. What cable should the network administrator use? straight-through rollover cross-over serial


What information about the router and its startup process can be gathered from the output of the show version command? (Choose three.) the last restart method the command buffer contents the amount of NVRAM and FLASH used the configuration register settings the location from where the IOS loaded


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