Reading comprehension

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Book 1

Evaluation Unit 1
LISTENING comprehension
You are going to listen to a folk tale about Brer Monkey. It is called ‘How Trouble Made the Monkey Eat Pepper’.


As you listen, answer the questions: a Where does the story take place? b What did Ma Minnie use to make? c What did Ma Minnie drop? d Who ate the molasses when Ma Minnie had left? e What did Monkey really want when he asked for ‘trouble’ in the shop? f What did the shopkeeper sell Monkey? g What was inside it? h How did Monkey escape? i j Why did Monkey eat the fruit from the tree? What actually was the fruit? 5 marks (half mark for each correct answer)

Now listen a second time and check your answers.


Use your answers to the questions to write a summary of
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Five times he felt into the hole and each time fetched out a young hawk. Some were slightly larger than others, some more fully feathered, with less down on their backs and heads, but each one came out gasping, beak open, legs pedalling the air. When he had emptied the nest he reversed the procedure, dipping into his pocket for an eyas and holding it in one hand while

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Book 1

he compared it with another. By a process of elimination, he placed them back into the nest until he was left with only one; the one with the most feathers and only a little down on its head. He lowered it back into the pocket, then held his hand up to catch the light of the moon. Both back and palm were bleeding and scratched, as though he had been nesting in a hawthorn hedge. When he reached the bottom of the wall he opened his jacket and clucked down into the pocket. The weight at the bottom stirred. He placed one hand underneath it for support and set off back across the orchard. Once over the wall, he started to whistle, and he whistled and hummed to himself all the way home.
Now answer these questions: a When did Billy enter the woods? 1 in the early morning 2 at midday 3 at night 4 in the afternoon b What made the sound ‘wo-hu-wo-hooo’? 1 the trees in the wind 2 an owl 3 a wolf 4 a hawk c Billy paused when he dislodged a stone because 1 he felt someone might hear and come

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