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Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) tras haber muerto de una bronconeumonia, su casa en Coyoacán de doce habitaciones ahora es un museo. Una de las salas más interesantes es el estudio de Diego. Hay una mesa donde sobre ella hay pinceles y botes de pinturas, también hay un librero grande y una mesita con sillas. En la sala 1 se encuentra una chimenea de piedra muy interesante y 12 cuadros como el “Autorretrato De Frida Con Traje De Terciopelo” o el cuadro de “Las Apariencias Engañan” los cuales para mi son unas pinturas estupendas. En la sala 3 aparte de las 8 pinturas se encuentra el “Teatrino De Frida” y un restirador con cartas de Frida para Diego. En la sala 4 se encuentra un restirador con 7 fotos del museo Anahuacalli, cartas, documentos e …ver más…
One of the most interesting is the study of Diego. There is a table where on it there are brushes and paint cans, there are also a large bookcase and a table with chairs. Room 1 is a fireplace of stone very interesting and 12 paintings such as "Self-portrait of Frida with suit of velvet" or the table of "Las appearances Engañan" which for me are a great paintings. In room 3 in addition to the 8 paintings is the "Frida Teatrino" and a restirador with letters of Frida for Diego. Room 4 is a restirador with 7 pictures of the Anahuacalli Museum, letters, documents and images on the Anahuacalli building and book notes with drawings of Diego Rivera. There are 25 paintings of which only one I love in the room 5 and is called "Frida with Reboso Magenta". There are four display cabinets in the dining room contains jars, other dishes, one with moneyboxes in the form of horses and dishes, and the last Cabinet contained cups and dishes in the fourth from Diego there is a bed, on the right side there is a table followed by a Bureau, and on left hand side there is another Bureau, in front of this bed a trunk and beside him there is a rocking also there is a wardrobe and a drawers. In the kitchen ay a central table and there are huge pots, and on the wall are some hanging ladles. But there is a room that I knew well q was but on the roof saying "Room, María Félix, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Elena, Teresita Coyoacán 1953", in which there is a bed next to it there is a

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