Resumen Libro: "The Man With Three Names"

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A man had an accident in Bristol Road, and he went to the Grey Swam Hotel. A woman called Janey Foxwell went to the hotel. She was in the lounge hotel and saw that man that she knew.
Janey Foxwell saw that something dropped from the man’s coat, it was a map. That man was called Mr. Tood, he phoned downstairs, Mrs. Morgan dialed a phone number and Mr. Todd talked with a woman because he couldn’t arrive where the woman was because of the bad weather.
Janey Foxwell heard the news, there was a fire in Christy’s house near the New Forest, diamonds and money was missing and Alex Hodder was killed. Janey thought that Mr. Tood had been, she Janey drew a picture of Mr. Todd while he was sitting in the lounge. She put
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Harry Selby phoned Mrs Morgan. * Mrs Morgan gave the man a key for room nine. Which other rooms are empty?
Rooms 2, 4, 5, 8, 10 and 11 are empty. * Look at the map. Where has he come from? Where is he going?
Mr todd has come from Kelstock. He’s going to Bristol. * Somebody is listening to Mr Todd speaking on the phone. Who is it?
Stephen Morgan * The instructions for the fax machine are in several pieces. Can you put them together so Stephen can send the fax?
1 Put paper face down on the tray at the back.
2 Press the dial button.
3 Dial the number you want.
4 The piece of paper will move slowly through the machine.
5 If it sends the paper correctly, there will be a small pink cross on the paper.
6 Finally, the machine will tell you how long it took to send the paper. * Look at the telephone list. What is the telephone code for Manchester? Which code did Mr Todd ask for last night? Which town is it for?
Manchester code is 061. Mr Todd asked for 0272. It’s for Bristol. * This is the scene of the murderer. Find where the money and diamonds were kept.
They were under the floor, in a safe. * Look at Stephen’s map. Where is the hotel? Where does Guy Christy live? Which road must you take to get to Bristol?
The hotel is below Copperthorne. The road to Bristol from Kelstock goes through Shaftesbury, Copperhthorne and

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