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The Secret Garden. by Frances Hodgson Burnett. HarperCollins, 384 pages.

The Secret Garden is opened by introducing us to the sickly bad-tempered little girl, Mary Lennox; someone who loves no one, someone whom no one loves. She’s living in India with her parents, an army captain and his gorgeous, frivolous wife. Servants took care of poor little Mary, she rarely got to see her parents. One seemingly ordinary day, Mary woke up to realize that many of the servants couldn’t be found anywhere. She woke up to be notified that those servants had died of cholera, along with her parents. The cholera outbreak had been devastating, it had spread around most of the place. After a brief moment of loneliness, with no one alive but
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The first time they did this, they were discovered by Ben Weatherstaff, who had been tending the secret garden once a year since it was abandoned. Weatherstaff referred to Colin as a “poor cripple” and asked if he has crooked legs and hunched back. This drove Colin angry and made him force himself to stand up in his own feet for the first time in his life. After this deed, Colin’s health improved miraculously. The secret garden, the springtime and Dickon’s company had the same rejuvenating effect upon him that they did upon Mary. They determined to keep Colin’s improvement a secret, so that he could surprise his father with his recovery when Master Craven returns from his trip abroad.

The three kids, along with Ben Weatherstaff, spent every day of the summer in the garden. Only one other person was admitted into the secret: Susan, Dickon’s mother. She sent a letter to Master Craven, telling him to hurry home so that he could see his son. However, she did not specify why, having the upkeep of Colin’s secret. Master Craven satisfied this request and returned immediately to Misselthwaite. What he first did was to go into the secret garden, accomplishing something the voice of his wife had told him in a dream. Just as he lays his hand to the doorknob, Colin comes rushing and falls into his arms. Father and son are reconciled, and the miracle of Colin’s recovery becomes known to all.

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