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CHAPTER 1 1. What happened while Tony and Emma were passing the football field next to their school? A ball hit Tony‟s bike 2. What did Tony do after Jim invited him to play with the other boys? Tony accepted the invitation. 3. How did Tony‟s fight with the other boy end? The fight end because Tony‟s English teacher appeared
CHAPTER 2 1. What did Mr. Johnson do when he came into the classroom? Mr. Johnson went to the teacher and said something in her ear. 2. What did the Headmaster discover the day before and in his opinion, why was Tony responsible? He discovered that somebody was hacking into the school‟s computer system, because the hacker used his library password. 3. Why did Tony ask a favour of Emma? Because he can‟t use
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Ben stood at the front door, pulled a gun from his belt and shoot at the van from a distance. The van turned onto its side and flames came out of the window. 4. Who was Ben really, and how did he discover where Tony and Emma were? Ben was a secret agent in the police and he discovered that Emma and Tony where there because he started following the secretary of the Town Hall.
CHAPTER 9 1. What was special about the anonymous letter and what did it say? Special was it because the words were cut from magazines and the text was “You‟re next!” 2. At the ceremony, what happened after the two friends returned to their places? Tony saw a small box under the platform. 3. Describe what the man on the roof did after he saw the policemen. He ran up to the roof of the Town Hall, Jumped to the next building and started running from rooftop to rooftop, along the street. 4. How did the man escape and what did he leave with Tony? The man escapes because he got out of the dustbin and run towards the street. He leave Tony a glove.
CHAPTER 10 1. What was special about the words in the letter, and how can that help Tony and Emma? The words in the letter come from a magazine printed on recycled paper, and that can help because there aren´t many magazines like that. 2. How did Emma know that it was a woman on the roof? She knows that because the glove was a woman glove. 3. What did Tony discover when he read the first page of the magazine? He discovers that the

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