Us aircraft history

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American most remarkable Air crafts in US History
The United States was just eight years old when man first ventured in to the air, in a hot air balloon. Three quarters of a century later balloons played a significant role in several battles in the civil war, but thereafter public attention was increasingly focused on the possibility of heavier than airplane flight. Dr Samuel Pierpont Langley began build airplanes in 1891 and by 1896 had achieved sustained flights with models up to 13ft span. The Navy and Army naturally show interest. The US government agreed to vote the money (50,000) if Dr Langley would built a full scale airplane. on October 7 1903 Langley`s airplane was all ready, but it had several failures and his test pilot,
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It occupied four main factories: two Boeing plants at Renton, Washington and Wichita, Kansas, a Bell plant at Marietta, Georgia, and a Martin plant at Omaha, Nebraska. Some other important warplanes from 1940 were the F4F Wildcat Grumman which was the main shipboard fighter when the US when to WWII. The F4F was barrel-shaped, with angular wingtips and rudder and a . narrow track undercarriage. Also Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was a progress of the P-36 with a liquid-cooled engine, known to the manufacturer as Hawk 81 and to the British as Tomahawk. The Curtiss P-40 was a U.S. single-engine, single-seat, low-wing, all-metal fighter and ground attack aircraft which first flew in 1938, and was used in large numbers in World War II. When production ceased in November 1944, 13,738 P-40s had been created; they were used by the the most built US aircraft of WWII. The B-24 was more tricky to fly than the B-17, especially at high altitude, and although it was designed later it did not have a much better performance. But it was proficient and had longer range, due to the slender
Air force of 28 Nations. It suffered from the obsoleteness

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