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LOOKING FOR THE FIRSTJOB 1. Match the jobs with the duties. security guard teacher nurse architect receptionist dentist accountant waiter salesman lawyer

a) Looks after your teeth: b) Answers the phone, makes appointments: c) Helps people to learn: d) Sells products: e) Takes care of patients in hospitals: f) Serves in restaurants: g) Writes contracts, represents people in court: h) Checks financial results: i) Designs buildings: j) Is in charge of protecting people and things:

2. Match the personal qualities and skills to their definitions.

a) cooperative b) motivated c) talented d) proactive, self-starters e) computer literate f) flexible g) numerate h) methodical and organized

( ) good at working on their own and making decisions ( ) can work in a planned way ( ) good with numbers ( ) good with computers ( ) very interested in doing well at their job ( ) naturally very good at what they do ( ) can assume different responsibilities if necessary ( ) work well with other people

Expansion activity Read below a list of 10 qualities and skills employers seek in job candidates according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Annual Job Outlook Survey, conducted in early 2003. Number them, trying to guess the order of importance according to NACE. Discuss the results


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