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Series G Moulded Case Circuit Breakers 15 – 2500 A for IEC & NEMA Applications
Product Focus

World-class accessories include: Q Circuit breaker W Thermal-magnetic trip unit, integrated on E Frame E Magnetic only trip unit, integrated on E Frame R Electronic protection trip unit, J/L Frame only T Auxiliary/alarm contact Y Shunt trip U Undervoltage release I DIN-rail mounting adapter, E Frame only O Plug-in block P Terminal cover { Terminal end cover } Interphase barrier q Control wire kit w Multiwire connector e Steel cable terminal r Aluminum/copper terminal t Terminal spreader y Endcap kit u Earth leakage module, side mounted on E Frame i Padlockable handle lock hasp o Padlockable handle block p Motor operator [ Direct close coupled
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Cutler-Hammer is a federally registered trademark of Eaton Corporation. CSA is a registered trademark of Canadian Standards Association. UL is a registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ISO is the registered trademark and sole property of the International Organization for Standardization. NEMA is the registered trademark and service mark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.


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Series G Moulded Case Circuit Breakers 15 – 2500 Amperes for IEC & NEMA Applications
September 2005

Frame Sizes GE through GR (15 – 2500 Amperes)

Vol. 1, Ref. No. [02]

General Information
Eaton Series G Moulded Case Circuit Breakers provide increased performance in considerably less space than standard circuit breakers or comparable fusible devices. The “G” signifies global applications: Series G circuit breakers are marked with UL, CSA , CE, IEC and KEMA KEUR listings. Other advantages include:
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The Most Logically Designed Contact Assembly
The flexibility and outstanding performance characteristics of Eaton Circuit Breakers are made possible by the best contact designs in circuit breaker history. Our patented technology creates a high-speed “blow-open” action using the electromechanical forces produced by high-level fault currents. Eaton Circuit Breakers are operated by a toggle-type mechanism that is mechanically trip-free from the

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