New Yorkers

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Before Reading

1 Read the introduction on the first page of the book, and the back cover. Are these sentences true? Tick one box for each sentence.

1 These stories are about famous people. false
2 These stories are about people in New York. true
3 New York today is very different from the
New York in these stories. true
4 The people in these stories have unusual jobs and strange lives. false

2 Here are the five story titles, with a character from each story. Which of the five things below
…ver más…

I was only eighteen when my father gave it to me, and before that it belonged to my grandfather. But what could I do? I had no money, and Della have a present Christmas without presents is terrible! 1 couldn't - the watch very often beca use I don't have a - for it. And Della is more beautiful than a gold watch - 1 wanted to buy her something really love, something to show how much 1- her. 1 know she wants these -, and they'lllook - in her - brown hair. 1 can't wait to see her face when she opens my presento Ah, here's my front long now . . .

ACTIVITIES: After Reading

2 At the end of Soapy's Choice, the policeman asks Soapy questions in the police station. Put their conversation in the correct order and write in the speakers' names. The policeman speaks first (number 6).

1 - 'It's a nice story, Soapy, but I don't believe it. Now go and sit over there.'

2 - 'Nothing! I was thinking, that's all.'

3 - 'Your mother! I don't think so, Soapy. I think you wanted to go into the church and look for money.'

4 - 'So what was your plan, Soapy? Drinking andfighting? T aking somebody's coat and selling it?'

5 - 'Huh! Policemen! When you're bad, they leave you alone, and when you're good, they take you away!

6 - 'OK, Soapy, what were you doing outside that church?'

7 - 'Thinking about what?'

8 - 'Look, 1 know I've done some bad things in the past, but today I've decided to change my life and be a new mano I'm going

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