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American Chemical Society ACS Web Editions * ACS Journal Archives * C&EN Online Terms and Conditions of Use Revised: January 3, 2003 1. Copyright and Proprietary Rights: The entire contents of ACS Web Editions and ACS Journal Archives, including individual journals, articles, abstracts, book chapters, and other items within these materials are copyrighted by the ACS under the Copyright Laws of the United States Codified in Title 17 of the U.S. Code, which is party to both the Universal Copyright Convention and the Berne Copyright Convention. Licensee agrees not to remove or obscure copyright notices. ACS grants no copyright or ownership interests to Licensee for any of the material and proprietary information referred herein belonging to …ver más…

3. Interpretation: 3.a. ACS electronic journal collection includes the ACS Web Editions and the ACS Journal Archives. 3.b. A Current Subscription to the ACS Web Edition of a journal is defined as the current year plus four previous years of full access in any given year of a subscription term. A License to an ACS Web Edition provides the Licensee and Authorized Users access to the current subscription term of a Web Edition of a journal subject to the ACS Web Edition Terms and Conditions of Use as amended from time to time. Once a subscription to any single ACS Web Edition is canceled, access to the Web Edition for that journal title is terminated. In the event this License is terminated, access to the entire Web Edition is terminated. 3.c. The access fee to the ACS Journal Archives entitles the Licensee to access the current contents of the ACS Journal Archives during the years in which the access fee is paid. 3.d. The ACS Journal Archives include electronic access to all material available for all ACS journals except that material covered by a current subscription to the ACS Web Editions in any given year (see Section 3.b. above). 3.e. C&EN Online is a product distinct from the ACS Web Editions and the ACS Journal Archives with pricing negotiated separately. A current subscription to C&EN Online provides access to the current volume as well as access to back issues of C&EN Online as posted on the C&EN Online home page. A subscription to C&EN Online provides the

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