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Microsoft has designed the word user to improvide easy acces to the comands you need most often when creating and editing documents.
Starting word.
When you start your computer, the screen you see is called the Windows desktop.From the desktop, you can launch word by clicking the word program icon or by choosing Microsoft Word from the start menu. When Word is launched, the programs opens with a blank document.
Using the ribbon
In Word 2010, the robbon is divided into 8 tabs, or areas of activity. In turn, each tab contains several groups or collections of related Word commands.
The Ribbon is contextual, which means it displays commands related to the type of document or object that you have open and on screen.
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Keying document text
Word sets default margins and line-spacing measurements for newcreated cocument
Savig document
When saving a document for the first time, you must specify a filename, the file type, and a target location where the document will be stored.
Saving a document in a folder
Folder help you to orgaize the documents you create in Word
Saving document with a different name
You can use the save as command to save copy of your document with a new filename. To save the document in a new target location, or to save the document as a different name.
Showing file extensions
Word give thew options of saving document in a unumber of formats, including as a word template. A documnet´s file type is embodded in the filename as a file extension.
Converting a document
Compativility mode enabeles you to work in a document created in an earlier version of word without saving the file in a different file format.
Previewing and printing a document
Before printing your document, you need to preview its contents so you can correct any text or lay out errors. The print command feature includes three sets of options: Print, Printer and setting. Choosing the print command automaticlly prints the document to the default printer.

Coosing a printer
If your computer is connected to multipe printers you may need to choose a destination printer for your document.


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