Channel To The Future

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Sandra Sherwood

A Surprise for the Connelly Boys
Sixteen-year-old Jordan Connelly lived in London. One Monday afternoon, he rode his bicycle home from school and opened the front door with his key. There was nobody else in the house.
Normally, Jordan watched TV after he came home from school, but today he looked into the living room and saw an empty place with no TV. It wasn’t there because it was broken, so Jordan couldn’t watch any programmes. He went upstairs to his room, turned on the radio and took a comic from a shelf.
Jordan was listening to music and reading comics on his bed when he heard his mother come home with his little brother, Danny. Jordan looked at the clock on his bedroom
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‘I discovered the button for Channel 4 doesn’t work, so you have to change the channel manually. I’m very busy at work now, so I can’t return the remote control for a few days.’ After his father’s explanation, Jordan sat in the living room and watched TV with the rest of the family.

A Mysterious Football Game
The next day, Jordan rode his bicycle home very quickly after football practice. He was planning his afternoon and thinking about the TV programme he wanted to watch. Jordan entered the house and went directly to the living room. He put his schoolbag and jacket on the sofa. Then he sat down and took the remote control for the new television.
It was almost 5.30 and Jordan’s favourite afternoon programme was going to start. He pressed the button for Channel 4 on the remote control. He saw a grey screen whit white spots on it and almost no image. A loud noise was coming from the TV, so he couldn’t understand the words. Then, Jordan remembered there was a problem with the remote control, so he went to the TV to change the channel. The picture became clear and the noise disappeared.
Jordan returned to the sofa and waited for his programme to begin. Then, the screen went blank. Jordan was starting to get very irritated. He changed the channel manually, but this time the picture didn’t return.
Frustrated, he took the remote control and pressed the Channel 4 button several times. He wanted to watch his favourite music show. Jordan was surprised, because each

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