The Elephant Man

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Main Characters:

Joseph Carey Merrick: main character of the work. He had got lumps all over his body and suffers deformities back, arms and neck. His dream is to be a normal person, and nobody saw him be afraid.

Tom Norman: he is director of Freak’s Show. A person who tries to win the most money possible caging strange people in cages, to show them on shows.

Dr Treves: a doctor who is impressed with the life of Joseph Merrick. Treves gives the attic of the London Hospital, and cares for 4 years. He is kind and gentle with everyone.

Dr Gomm: the chief of the London Hospital. He refuses to Mr Merrick is housed in the attic of the hospital.

Nurse Hartley: nurse who cares for Merrick in the attic London hospital,

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Chapter 4:

1. How did Ferrari treat Merrick?

Ferrari was a very cruel boss. He shouted at me and beat me for no reason. It wasn't just for the show. He seemed to enjoy being cruel. Sometimes, he didn't feed me and he even made me sleep in a cage.

2. Why did Merrick leave Ferrari’s show and where did he plan to go?

Merrick left the Ferrari’s Show because he heard a conversation of Ferrari, where Ferrari said that Merrick was stupid, because people pay hundred of francs to see him and he though their only make a few francs for each show. Merrick took the train from Zeebrugge, to catch a boat to England.

3. What reasons did the ship captain give for not taking the elephant Man on his ship?

The captain thought that Merrick was ill and could infect the others passengers.

4. How did Merrick get back to London?

Merrick returned to London by an old man, who asked him if he wanted to get into his van to go to Ostend. When they arrived at Ostend, the old man gave him a ticket for a cruise to Dover, in England, and in England should take a train to London.
The old man made sure the captain let him on board on the ship.

Chapter 5:

1. How did Merrick feel on the train journey from Dover to London?

Merrick was happy because he imagined that he was coming home

2. Describe some of the events at Liverpool Street Station after Merrick

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