The Yellow Wallpaper

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The Yellow Wallpaper Questions
1. In Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper" the narrator makes constant reference to the paper's pattern. What does the pattern symbolize? • What does the yellow wallpaper come to mean to the narrator? • • What role does the yellow wallpaper play in the story? • The yellow wallpaper plays a horror nightmare and a very hideous paper that symbolizes the domestic life that traps so many women in the story. • • Why does she spend so much time studying the pattern? I think that she spend so much time studying the pattern because she wanted to know what was behind the wallpaper. At the begging of the story she feels attracted to this patterns maybe because she had the feeling that
…ver más…

10. Which is more injurious to the narrator--the psychological demons or the societal demons she faces?

I think what is more injurious to the narrator is the societal demons she faces, because everybody is harsh with her, and they think she’s crazy; I mean, she is, but that’s because of the society that is rude with her. And they are always telling her what to do, to pretend that everything is okay (but that is her husband case)

11. As a reader, do you sympathize with this woman's situation? Is the narrator's paranoia justified or just another aspect of her delusions?
Yes, I do sympathize with the woman’s situation. I think that the narrator’s paranoia is justified because she doesn’t want to do everything her husband says, she’s sick of it, she only wants to write about horror, but she can’t. In those times, if you were a woman and you wanted to be a writer, you’d have to write about love.

12. Does any one person bear responsibility for the narrator's ultimate madness? If so, who? If not, what or what combination of factors result in her descent?
Yes, her husband bears responsibility for the narrator’s ultimate madness, because he won’t let her write, and also he is always telling her that she is better than before, but reality is that she is worse.

13. In the introduction of the story, anorexia and bulimia are mentioned. How can we make the connection between these illnesses of today and the yellow wallpaper?
We can relate these illnesses

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