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Chapter 1.
Where were the two young ladies and the soldiers going?
They was going to Fort William Henry
Why didn’t Duncan and Munro’s daugthters continue following the settlers and the soldiers?
Because there was a track more narrow and the other track was more danger and this track was know.
What did Alice think about the Indian guide?
She thinks that perhaps it would be safer to travel with the soldiers because she doesn’t like his look.

Chapter 2.
Who were the two Indians and the white man?
They were Chingachgook, Hawkeye and Uncas.
According to Chingachgook, what is the difference between the way the Infians fought one another and the way the white men fight?
According to Chingachgook the Indian fought one another with
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Where were Alice and Cora, according to David Gamut?
David said that Cora was in the village on the black rock over there, and Alice was a prisioner of the Huron tribe in a village near of where they were.
Why did Hawkeye think thar the tribe holding Cora were not enemies?
Because the symbol of their totem was a tortoise that was the Chingachgook tribe.
How did Duncan get permission to stay in the Huron village?
Duncan said to chief that he wore the paint to show honour to the chief´s Indian tribe.
Who was captured by the Huron war party and what did the Huron decide to do to him?
Uncas was captures by the Huon war party and they decided that he must die.

Chapter 10
Why was Duncan taken to a cave at the edge of the Huton village?
Because a man of the Huron asked Duncan to heal son’s wife. Was a lie, but he did not know and I take the ferret to the cave.
How did Duncan and Hawkeye manage to get out of the cave safely?
They tied Magua and disguised.
What was Tamenund´s final decision about of the prisioners?
His decision was that Cora would go cith Magua

Chapter 11
Why decided to help Uncas to rescue Cora?
Many young men of the elware tribe.
Where did Magua take Cora?
Magua took Cora to the up mountain path behind the village
What happened to Magua after he killed Uncas?
Magua dead when he broken of a tree while trying to reach safety.
What did the Delaware people do to commemorate Cora and

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