English Exam

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Section I: Use of English Choose the correct word to fill the sentence in the blanks, fill your answer on the answer sheet. You will have 15 minutes to complete this section.

1. “Are the bags ready?” “Yes,____. a) they’re b) there are c) their d) they are

2. I live ____ 4040 Oak Avenue Dallas Texas. e) on f) at g) in h) next

3. “I can’t swim very well.” “I can’t ____.” i) too j) either k) so l) neither

4. I enjoy ____ out with my family on weekends. m) to go n) going o) go p) to going

5. I don’t have a computer, but ____ my friends do. q) the most r)
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Choose the best option to complete the sentence. Fill your answer on the answer sheet. You will have 20 minutes to complete this section.

Passage 1: What are you doing tomorrow night?

PETER: I usually go out with friends on Saturday night. But today’s Friday we’re going out to a football game at night. So tomorrow night I’m staying home.

1. This Saturday night, Peter is ______. a. playing football b. visiting friends c. staying home d. going out

Passage 2: What do you do?

MARCIA KNIGHT: I work in a busy real estate office. I do the same thing day after day- answer the phone and send documents. I need to get a more interesting job. That’s why I’m studying law at night.

2. Marcia’s job is _____. e. difficult f. boring g. restful h. interesting

Passage 3: A vacation postcard

Dear Millie,

You wouldn’t believe Costa Rica! It’s really peaceful. Judy and I have been staying in a tent at a campground on the beach. We’re studying a little Spanish with a cute guy who teaches English in a school here, but I think he’s learning more English than we are Spanish. Judy brought her guitar, so we enjoy singing around the campfire at night.


3. Sheila and Judy are _____. i. traveling with Millie j. taking guitar lessons k. camping at the beach l. learning lots of Spanish

Passage 4:

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