Just Good Friends

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• Index to presentation of the characters and relationship between them.

• Summary of each chapter and 'word bank'.

• Writing critical.

• Description of the author and subjects related to the book.

Index of the characters

Stephany: Was from Britain. She liked her job, a language teacher and lives en London with Max. She was intelligent and serious.
Also liked to enjoy herself. She liked going to clubs and parties and doing sport. She like the sushi.

Max: He is an architect, lives in London with Stephany. Didn’t like sport, he enjoyed looping at building and paintings, He like the sushi and he liked her more because of it.

Carlo: Ruth’s wife. A friend of
…ver más…

Stephany and Carlos had been tangled and did not want anyone to know.

Word bank: sick, weaknesses, affair, dived.

Chapter 9 On Bianca Beach
Carlo will look to go to the party but Max is still sick and Ruth, can not come because their child is sick. He thinks about leaving for another day but she wants to take this opportunity to talk about what he has told Luigi. She wants to go to a beach that was two years ago and he tells her that night allli was a mistake. She Was kissing Carlo, They pulled off wildly and Each Other's clothes. Decides not to tell anyone.

Word bank: either, corners, pine trees, wildly.

Chapter 10 In love with two people
Stephany think that Carlo loves Ruth and never leave her, but she had always liked. Stephany refused to tell Max that Ruth did not come last night. Max decides to go with her to the city but she prefers to go alone to the beach. In the city meets Ruth help you shop and asks how was the night, she realizes that he does not know she was not and think Stephanie and Max hide something.

Word bank: awoke, smelt, almost, Nules, courgettes, pram, anger, peaches, nodded, truth.

Chapter 11 The perfect holiday
Max goes looking for Stephanie to the beach and go swimming together, they forget the night before, but Max tells him that the city was found to Ruth but did not say anything that was not was the festival and Stephany

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