Lisa Goes To London

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It is nine o’clock in the morning. Lisa and her parents are at home. Lisa’s mother and father are having breakfast in the kitchen. Lisa is holding a letter. She looks very excited.
“Mum! Dad! Listen to this,” says Lisa. “This is really wonderful news!” “Realy? What’s the news?” asks Lisa’s father.
“I’m finalist in the international short story competition,”
Says Lisa. “The organisers are offering a week’s holiday in London to all the finalists. It’s a free trip!”

“That is great news,” says Lisa’s mother. “Well done!”
When must you go there?” asks Lisa’s father.
“Just a minute,” says Lisa and reads the letter. “Monday to Saturday: sightseeing. Sunday: final. I must be in London on Monday.”


It is
…ver más…
They are at a restaurant. The boys are eating hamburgers and cheeseburguers.
“Mmm! I like this hamburger,” says Sergio. “It’s delicious.”
“My cheeseburger is very tasty too,” says Lars.
“I don’t like hamburgers,” says Lisa. “I love pizza.”
Lisa and Nadia are eating pizza. Nadia is also drinking orange juice.
“What are you eating Diana?” asks Nadia.
“I am eating fish and chips,” says Diana. “English people like eating fish and chips.”
They are all enjoying their food.
The children are leaving the restaurant now.
“Oh no!” says Lisa suddenly.
“What is wrong, Lisa?” asks Diana.
“Where is my camera?” says Lisa. “ I can’t find my camera!”
Lisa is very sad. She is thinking: “I can’t take any pictures now.”
The other children are sad, too. They like Lisa.
“Don’t worry Lisa,” says Sergio. “I cant take pictures for you.”
“Thank you,” answers Lisa. “You are very kind.”
But she is still very upset


It is Wednesday morning. Diana and the children are in Baker Street. They are in front of Madame Tussaud’s Museum.
“What kind of museum is this?” asks one boy.
“It is a waxworks museum,” answers Diana. “ I am buying our tickets. Is everybody here?”
“I can count,” says Lisa. “One two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten” she counts. “Yes, everybody is here,” says Lisa.
“Then children and an adult,” says Diana to the cashier.
“That’s forty seven pounds and fifty pence, please,” says the cashier.
“Here you are,” says Diana and

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