A Day With Two Families

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Case Study Chapter #1: A day with two families

1-Identify the distinct emotions felt by Fannie Lawrence. What situations caused these emotions? Fannie felt very frustrated because she is dealing with most of the responsibility of the house. She felt tired of had to wake up every morning ad fix kids for school and barely had time for her. She also felt guilty because she doesn’t have time for help her kids the way they expected and she wanted. She felt annoyed when Kim starts whining because Fannie can’t make her lunch box due to short time. Definitely she was not in mood her whines after that busy morning. Fannie also felt anxious in her meeting thinking on her busy evening schedule and looking many times at her watch.
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Silvia felt very lonely and left the TV on to felt company at night.

3-Identify some sources of stress for the children in the Lawrence family. They barely see their step dad because he work and he also is a student. Mom has a lot to do and always is in hurry. They don’t spend many time with parents because they go to school and the after school childcare. Kim would love mom to come to her dance class but she felt sad when mom didn’t did what she promise (going to her class five minutes before the end of it). Kim also felt sad and depressed because she doesn’t have friends.

Identify some sources of stress for the children in the Ashley family. What effect did the children’s stress have on the parents? For Terrance the fact that Mom was single parent and not working can be a potential cause of stress. Observing mom struggling economically is very frustrating and sad. For Ricky a new source of stress would have to separate from mom when he starts his new child care. New source of stress for Terrance would be knowing that mom will be busy and he had to be alone at home until she get done and pick up Ricky. Being bully for Terrance is a big source of stress in his learning setting and much more having to wear the same clothes over and over will affect his self-esteem.

4-In addition to the stress felt by the children, what are some other causes of stress for each mother?


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