The Man's Choice

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Cristina E. Prato Bello.
Assignment: Final draft.
“Allegory Of a Man's Choice Between Virtue and Vice”(1635)
Frans Francken the younger.
The Man’s Choice

As an international freshman student this was my first time visiting the Museum of Fine Arts. The first thing that caught my attention was the Museum’s space distribution, its cleanness, modernity and light. Therefore, my first emotion was of curiosity. I wanted to know, discover and experience its content; leading me to browse and check European Art. After being amazed by how pretty, fresh and well organized were all the rooms, I found several pieces that intrigued me, but I only found one that made me think and relate to its essence. It is a work of art that “speaks” of
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This depiction of earth symbolizes man’s life and the choices that are taken in one’s lifetime. Subsequently, in the middle of the painting rests Minerva with her hand pointing at the sky accompanied with Hope, Faith and Charity. These values are crucial in one’s life and need to be present in one’s daily life. Minerva, the center of the goddesses, seems to translate that the angels above sent her to establish and rearrange rules so that there would be a specific order in the world. Additionally, applying the historical context that relates to this suggestion, Minerva is trying to raise awareness to mankind and let them know that they need to make conscience wise decisions in order to succeed in ones quest to achieve the right path in life.
Next, to Minerva’s right lays a shepherd who embodies mankind. Who is a shepherd? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, a shepherd is a person who tends and rears sheep (Shepherd. ) For a catholic it is known to be humble, pure, with good moral values and dedicated. In context the shepherd is being offered all temptations; he is expected to choose between virtues or vice, the good and the evil, what’s right and what’s wrong. The shepherd is closer to the temptations than to heaven or the perfect life; for he is surrounded by gorgeous women showing the most common temptations of all: lust. Hence, all

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