The dreams and other stories

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The Dream and Other Stories
Daphne du Maurier and Others Hilary’s Aunt
Hilary is a young man who has spent all his family’s fortune. He wants to inherit his aunt’s money. She’s dying of a painful disease. He decides to give her double the amount of medicine to kill her before she can change her will. What he doesn’t know is that as she hasn’t changed it, all her money will go to Chinese people.

The Birds
There’s a bird invasion all over the country. For some unknown reason, the birds attack when the tide comes in. It is impossible to stop them. Nat takes shelter in his house, and he and his family survive for two days, but he doesn’t know how long he
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As well as being a writer, Cyril Hare (1900–58) was a lawyer and judge, living and working in England all of his life. He used his knowledge of the law and criminal cases to find subject matter for his stories, and was best known for his detective character, Francis Pettigrew. Hare also loved music and explored his ideas about music in his writing. Daphne du Maurier (1907–89) is famous for her wild and exciting adventure romances, among them Jamaica Inn and Rebecca. She often set her stories in the west country of England, where there is much wild moorland and dramatic coastal scenery. Although she grew up and was educated in London and Paris, she loved the countryside and spent most of her life there. The story included here, The Birds, was made into a classic film thriller by Hitchcock in 1963. Punishment: Should people get punished here on Earth or should they wait for Divine Justice? Fears: How do fears affect human beings? Can our past come to us in the form of fears?

Discussion activities
The Dream Before reading
1 2 Discuss: Have students talk about their ideas about dreams. • What are dreams? Are they real or fantasy? Why do people have dreams? • Do you remember your dreams? Why do some people remember

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